“Zoom” — Fat Larry’s Band

Sometimes simple lyrics are best… “Zoom, just one look and then my heart went boom”. You know what’s going on. Love at first sight.

I’ve always believed in love at first sight, although experience tells me that I’m not the horse to back in that area of decision making. But the idea is one I’m very reluctant to let go of.

Even if it hasn’t worked out for me, I have to believe love at first sight exists and works for other people or my whole worldview comes crashing down. I’d much rather believe I’m just someone who can’t make it work through my own incompetence or unworthiness than start to think love at first sight doesn’t exist at all.

I don’t want to live in a world where there isn’t at least a possibility of “just one look and then my heart went boom” happening for someone somewhere in the world in the very next moment, that someone could turn a street corner somewhere in the world and meet the love of their life just like that, in an instant.

Plenty of songs have been written about falling in love, but not so many about the tiniest ripples in the fabric of time when you casually glance around a room, someone’s gaze meets yours, and you feel an instant connection so strong that you forget whatever you were planning to do and walk across to say hello.

Or if you’re like me, doing all of that right up to the walking across bit, bottle that and spend the rest of your life wondering what might have happened…

Zoom, just one look and then my heart went boom
Suddenly and we were on the moon
Flying high in a neon sky, oh oh

Bang, just one touch and all the church bells rang
Heaven called and all the angels sang
Sunrise shine in the midnight sky, oh, oh

That’s the thing about falling in love…especially when it’s love at first sight…in that moment, your sense of reality is completely distorted. Things that would make no sense to you normally somehow fall into place, and other rules you’d normally live your life by go out the window.

That’s why teenagers don’t come home at 10 like they’re supposed to, even when they risk being grounded for months…people who are normally older and wiser throw their careers away for an office romance…the hardest people you could ever wish not to meet in a dark alley somewhere become tender and caring.

Love’s funny like that.

And it shows why emotion triumphs over logic every time.

That might not be a good thing in some ways, as all sort of foolishness is done in the name of love, but perhaps it’s part of God’s plan to keep us all on our toes. The fine line between success and ruination…in either direction…can be crossed in an instant when we glance across a room, our eyes meet someone else’s, and…boom! (Or should that be “zoom”?)

Or we can keep living a mundane, boring, predictable life, telling ourselves we’re safe in the hermetically-sealed world we’ve fashioned for ourselves. But we’re only kidding ourselves…we’re only ever a moment away from…boom!

Then all bets are off. In an instant.

Shadows blowing as the roses bloom
Looking down on a wonderland
Smack — just one kiss and I was outta whack
All at once there was no turning back
All so far about the brighter star, oh, oh

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s not much in that verse from “Zoom” that makes a lot of sense. We know what all the words mean individually, but when they’re all put together in that order, we’re a lot less sure we know what’s going on.

And that’s love at first sight for you. When it happens, you enter some wrinkle in space-time and what would never have made sense before, suddenly now does. And everything that used to make sense, doesn’t.

Yep, it’s a powerful thing, love. Use it carefully. Always read the label. May induce a series of powerful and unpredictable side effects. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery. Don’t take more than the recommended dose…

You never know what might happen when love comes into your life. But I think Fat Larry’s Band comes pretty close to a working demonstration of it in “Zoom”, which made it to number two in the UK charts towards the end of 1982. Here they are to explain…

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